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A digital graph/map generated by algorithms.
An Atlas, which does not focus on geographies, but on interpersonal relations.
A network similar to brain synapses, intricate fabric designs, street and highway transport systems in a megacity.

Futurehood Atlas is constantly updated by the interactions of its users. The first step to become a part of Futurehood Atlas is filling in a (Join the Future) form. The information supplied by the participants’ will be processed by the software and displayed on branches and dots that will continue to expand and grow even after Milan Design Week.

If you want to modify or cancel your profile please send an email to zeknit@vfc.com


Futurehood Atlas began during a workshop directed by Federico De Giuli and Walter Nicolino at IAAD in Turin,
Design and development by IdLab and Alex Piacentini.
General curation: Stefano Mirti.

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